Hornet ORG1411 GNSS eval kit by OriginGPS

GPS + patch antenna eval kit 1.8V
Marke: OriginGPS
Brand: OriginGPS
Mounting: UART

Hornet ORG1411 GNSS eval kit by OriginGPS features:

Evaluation Kit of the ORG1411 GPS Antenna Module comprises the Demo Board, USB to UART cable and CD with GPS simulator software for PC and documentation.

The Demo Board is built of Main Board, incorporating 1.8V LDO regulator, UART connector, push-button
tactile switch for Push-To-Fix™ interrupt and various test points.

The ORG1411 GPS Antenna Module is soldered onto the Main Board through the Interface Adaptor.

The Interface Adaptor includes a single-bit buffer for voltage level translation of TX line, and a voltage
supervisor for autonomous power-on pulse generation.

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