LTE Cat 1 GNSS BT WiFi Module NeoWay N58 eval kit

LTE / GNSS eval kit
Marke: Neoway
Brand: Neoway
Mounting: USB

N58 eval kit features:

N58 EVB is designed to commission and test the N58 module. It provides one power interface, three UART interfaces, one USB interface, one SIM card interface, antenna interfaces, and one PWRKEY button. You can connect it to a power supply and a computer through the USB cable or serial-to-USB cable to commission the functions of the module.
N58 EVK provides the following items:
- N58_Mini_EVB_V1.0 (including N58 module)
- M5X0-PWR power cable
- Micro-USB cable
- Others (5V/2A power adapter, BT/GPS antennas)

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