NB-IoT module Neoway N21‍ eval kit

NB-IoT module Neoway N21‍ eval kit
Marke: Neoway
Brand: Neoway
Mounting: USB / UART

NB-IoT module Neoway N21 eval kit features:

N21 EVB provides various peripheral interfaces, including power supply interface, SIM card connector, antenna interface, PWRKEY button, RESET_N button, PSM_WAKE UP button, antenna interface, and HOST DEBUG inte rface s It helps customers t o learn the functions of N21 and develop hardware and software based on N21.
N21 EVK contains the following components:
 N21 EVB (including
 5 V adapter
 M5X0 PWR cable
 Other s ( 5V/2A adapter, antenna, etc.)
 Others (antenna)

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